When your perspective is mental.

Date: 3/20/2017

By Fitful

I took a chance and went to the doctor for my back. It was required of me anyway, this doctor visit, but I payed the metrocard and went. I didn't expect it to work but it as pleasantly surprised when the doctor said with few visits he could take care of everything. Like really cure me, not just pretend like real doctors, and my insurance covered everything. Even the metrocard from now on. I was powerfully moved by relief. I had been in pain so long. ------ When I got home however, to my bunk bed, the people in my dorm had trashed my bed. They threw brand new packaged toilet paper all over my bed, crammed it into that space. My bed, which was all made up the way I liked it, was unmade and the black sheets crumpled on the floor. The doctor had come with me and now he was a mental doctor, for my mental health, and he thought I was crazy accusing the others of doing this. I got mad and kept telling him they always did this, for the past year, since I move in. They tore apart my bed, even the mattress was torn and stripped all the stuffing out of it. I tried to prove it. I found a small blue flashlight on the floor next to the wall, and a little silicone house. And a little silicone motorbike with a sidecar, and something else. I opened the little house and showed him it became a lighter. And the little motorbike became something and I used these to remake my bed every time they tore it up. He didn't believe me. I knew it was absolutely true, they bullied me. Said my bed smelled and I had too many things on it, like books and things, pens and jewelry, you know everyday things. The doctor kept insisting I find a man, who was trying to convince the doctor I was his wife. I thought this man was strange and didn't want to be with him. I thought he had a weird face. ----- Outside the animals put on a show, at first it was just a cat chasing a squirrel, but then the possums became men, and it was clear animal/men were putting on a theater show. It was kinda macabre and it was done in the dark, at night. But it was kinda cool. ---- There was an animal sanctuary, and I was a man, a father. I took my son to it, like people go to the zoo. We went to the bird hall, this great domed glass building fill of birds of every imaginable kind. With the audience we lay down on the ground as instructed and all the birds came down with us. They too lay on the ground and began singing. But my son was too close to the bird which resembled a dinosaur a bit, it was a big bird, strong, and only a baby. And it pecked my son on the eye. He screamed and I screamed at the bird and the bird screamed. And then I got all three of us calmed down. I told my son just to let it happen. ----- We were fleeing, or just driving somewhere. I was back in my female body and personality, and I was cramped in a car with a federal agent I trusted, a few other people I trusted, and then this federal agent who had us all at gunpoint and was driving us. I didn't trust him. To the federal agents I did trust I speculated about how they always did something, this thing which had no explanation, and suddenly an idea came to me. I speculated about them having invisible miniature( the size of a dog) spy planes since the 1970's and used them to follow people around. My friend the fed tired to hush me cautiously, eyes darting to the fed with the gun. The fed with the gun eyed me suspiciously, giving me more consideration then before.