My -- your love

Date: 3/14/2017

By artsyursine

I was sleeping in bed when I heard someone else's snoring, so I looked to my right and there was this dude in bed with me, sleeping right there. I've never seen him before. I am 16 years old. He looked maybe 18. So he turned over and finally opened his eyes, and I realized this guy was Matthew from Hetalia. So he smiled at me and asked me how I was and whatever. I only answered the first question because I was still in shock. I tested him and asked "Who are you?" Like you do. And he said, "Your my -- I'm your love." I almost laughed, but he was being serious. I really liked this character, but I guess he was real. And then I woke up because my cat was screaming at me. Thanks a lot, Oliver 😒😒😒