Digital art, Imagine a scene where a person must use their powers to escape cannibals and a detective who was made into a cannibal but managed to retain control of themselves.


Date: 11/15/2017

By Moonlight233

So I kinda had 2? My first one consisted of me at school winning something and getting a Powerade, then I woke up and my hand was asleep and I accidentally slapped myself. The next one: So my parents were away and my brothers went to do something so I’m like “Screw it I’ll go to the pub” idk why, I’m not old enough. So I went but I felt weird and decided to leave. Upon leaving I walked past this group of guys looking at a dead body and freaking out. I’m about to ask but this dude comes over and straight up murders them,and eating then so I start sprinting. The dude chases me in the this underground place and it’s weird cause things were closed but when I needed them they opened and I’m silently thinking I’m a wizard. Eventually I run into two people who wanna leave too, so I try calling a taxi. The woman’s unavailable but asks what’s wrong and I explain, so she kicks out her original passengers and drives down. She’s also a detective? So she figures shit out. Eventually she goes missing and we end but breaking a window to get out. The others get cornered by cannibals and they yell for me to run, so I do. I eventually see the detective covered in blood with a hungry look and I start running towards this bridge. She somehow gets to me and quickly explains that she won’t hurt me. She got kidnaped and they made her a cannibal but she had control. She’s like “Dude, I think you have some type of powers and you need to use them.” Then I woke up.