Apacolypse beans

Date: 4/3/2019

By Sssmorgann

There was a distant rhythmic thudding noise, like a dinosaur was coming. Aunt Vicki and the cousins and everybody were coming to stay at our house and they were bringing water and food like we were holing up for the apocalypse.... but I still had to go to work. I was getting ready for work and I couldn't get my mascara to work. My eyelashes were like a millimeter long until I added some water to my mascara and they were like 6 inches long and branched like a tree. Leaves and all. Black. then after I left I was in the car with Raul (and someone else.. maybe Mitchell?). Raul was driving the Blazer and I wanted to get a quart of beans, so I Google maps-ed to La Michoacana but it wasn't a real La Michoacana, it was just somebody's house? We pulled up under their carport (just a tin roof awning really). There were just a bunch of guys in wife-beaters sitting around those cheap long white plastic folding tables, and in the back there was a huge gumbo-pot of beans. Raul asked for a quart of beans. I forgot I didn't have any cash so Raul has to pay and then I Facebook paid him. Then my alarm woke me up.