High and snuck onto bus, floated away on raft in ocean

Date: 3/20/2019

By levinelover

I was with brandon and the squad, I took a Snapchat of all of us I reached out my hand to help the girl who fell but instead her boyfriend kissed her on the forehead. Brandon and I were both really high and were the first two of our friends to board a ttc boat, I didn’t wanna pay for my fair I was the third one on, Brandon behind me two strangers in front so I got my ticket out just in case, but when I noticed the driver wasn’t looking I slid it up my sleeve and didn’t pay. One of our friends who was actually ahead of me looked like she was gonna take a really weird side door while getting on what I thought was the bus it might have been Natalia! Brandon took the corner and asked if I call the other corner at the end of the boat, it was a luxuriously comfy seat and had plenty of room for all our friends I told brandon I can’t swim so if I fall off he needs to save me and he said he’s too high and won’t be able too so I told him to get someone else to save me, and he said he loves me and would. Basically I didn’t realize the thing I was lying on drifted and I drifted away, scared that it was gonna tip since I can’t swim, I tried to remember how to tread and really hoped brandon saw I saw missing and urged the boat to come find me, I shouted loud as I could without moving the raft.