Trying to Find A Date

Date: 4/24/2019

By trash

There’s only a couple main things that happened. I went out with my mom one day to the mall while my sister in law was at work and I ran across this amazing frozen yogurt store, it had tons of flavors to choose from and you got to bring in your own cup! Well after my mom forced me to leave instead of getting frozen yogurt with my paycheck we left the mall and I noticed there was an Olive Garden right across the street from the mall so I had my mom drop my off there so I could go in and eat. Well as soon as I went in to eat I realized that I was all alone so I went out to get my mom and see if she wanted to come in and eat with me but I noticed that my dad was out there at a table outside with my mom eating pizza so I got her and we left. I also remember meeting this hot guy and I was going to ask him out to dinner but it would be too awkward considering we just met at an Olive Garden he worked at.