"You're kind of smoky"

Date: 8/2/2017

By TwentieToo

I was at my grandmas house and she decided that she wanted everybody's dresses in the basement. So i got all mine. Something was going on where the whole family had come and were getting all dressed up. I can't remember what. Then the next day it was the big thing where all the family had come for. I went downstairs to pick out my dress. My grandma, and my cousin in law were already down there. Then Lip, from Shameless came. And I guess there were helpers down there, and they said, "We'll get you something. Nothing down here, they're all girly. You're kind of smoky". He didn't say anything. He pulled out a dress. It was short, with long sleeves. It had lace, and the sleeves flared out. He asked my grandma if he could wear it, I stopped for a second to hear her answer, cuz she is the type where she thinks guys shouldn't wear dresses and all that. I guess she was so frustrated from not being able to find her dress, she said yes. I was surprised. But I continued trying to find my dress. For some reason it didn't seem to be there. It was rainbow, with a high neck and no sleeves. The rainbow stripes were really skinny. It was probably a pattern you'd see in the early 2000's. I started to assume, they threw it out because it was rainbow, and my grandparents are homophobic. Then I had a dream, where I was a little kid, and I was on this ship. I was going to daycare. Which happened to be on islands. I don't remember a whole lot about this part. There is one part though, I had gotten there and I went up to the boys tower. It was literally a castle. Anyways, I had gone up there because a little boy needed help. He had some kind of disease and a tube had fallen out, like a feeding tube or something. He went away to go get it fixed, and I went down and scolded the girls, I can't remember what the girls had done to make his tube fall out. I was a kid, but a little older than the other kids that were there. He came back and was in the boys bathroom. I talked to him and asked if he was okay now. And that was it.