Some weird Disney

Date: 6/5/2019

By loganmarks123

Ok so it started out in a snowy destroyed city it was cold and dark and we were paint balling, it looked like a battlefield map, I opened my tinder and saw this hot girl was less than a mile away and so I started talking to her and trying to find her so she could play to, I went to bed and woke up to Emma and Tomas bringing donuts into the hotel and my mom telling me to open the window, just then I appeared on a beach, the beach had a cliff and we were at the bottom trapped with the waves, mollie, roger from American dad and one other person were there, I remembered that a big wave was going to come and hit us and knock us out then we would be free, so the big wave came and hit us just then roger swam out to sea and stayed awake road the wave in and jumped up the cliff then a keyboard appeared with alien symbols on it and roger started typing, then I saw like a cinematic wise shot reveal an island in the sky floating with a city on it and this city was home to some Disney stuff, it looked like Disney land had been split into three islands, the one on the ground was the evil island there was one in the sea that we never went to and the one in the sky was good still, now the space symbols opened up a portal and on the bottom island there was this pyramid with hieroglyphs and gold statues and we were trying to learn what they were, there was some guy that was controlling an army of corrupt Disney people (I never saw them just kinda knew they were there) some stuff happened I can’t remember that lead us to the point that we’re on the top island and some of these corrupt people are trying to steal some magic device I remember having to glue together this gummy wrench to make it work again I used a lighter to fuse it together and I can’t really remember what happened after that