The Metal Building

Date: 3/4/2017

By Ella Bella

In my dream, I was a new person taking a job in a Café. This café was in a huge building. The building was big enough to be a mansion. I wasn't going to take the job of a waitress or a cashier, instead, I was going to take the job of a bodyguard. Looking at the building, it is made of metal and is the size of a children's soft play area. There are stairs that are the exit and they come from the top of the building and lead downstairs and to the car park. Anyway, this job was laid back and you were able to just relax because my boss always did the work. He would collect the money and I would occasionally watch the entrance, seeing if my boss is there or not. We were also outside and children of the people would play in the outside garden as my boss collected the money to let the people in. One time, my boss made someone cover for him and he lead me up the stairs and to the roof, where a customer was. My boss explained that the customer was breaking the rules and trying to get in the building without permission. He grabs the man and the man panics, realising that he just got caught. Harshly, my boss drags him to the stairs and to the car park. I decide to stay at the entrance, collecting money for once and actually do my job. At one point, I decide to check on the roof while I have someone else cover for me. When I get on the roof, I see a man walking on the roof, obviously trying to get in the building without paying. In response, I grab the man and he also panics. I turn around to go to the stairs, but instead, I see a noose. The noose wasn't there when me and my boss was there not too long ago, but I decide to use it anyway. I stick the man's head in the noose before tightening it around his neck and within seconds, he's choking. I come back to my senses, though, and I quickly take him out of the noose, knowing that I would never kill a person, even if it was because they were causing a crime. I would never kill someone and I would rather him take me to the police and arrest me than kill him.