There is no wifi up north. 😕// dreams w/ raisins, lucid dream, shattered iPod, and ninja snowmen. I promise it's not too long! 🙂

Date: 5/30/2017

By madnewman13😼

I've been up north over the weekend and unfortunately there is no wifi up there, so it kept I from recording my dreams for the past 4 days. So here they are: DREAM 1 5/25/17 It first started off with my dad and I. He had dropped me off at the grocery store. I had to buy things. I mainly was just messing around and buying things I wanted. It was actually quite fun. Then I found myself and my cousin on my mom's parent's road. There was this voice that I kept hearing. He asked I a joke. "Why was the raisin happy?" He asked. "Because it wanted to have sex with you," I replied. It was totally random; my cousin and I burst out laughing. DREAM 2 5/26/17 lucid I found myself in this strange world with strange buildings and a weird grayish colored sky. I was walking with this boy around my age. I realized then that I was dreaming. I've heard that when people look in the mirror in a dream that they look different. So I tried it. I had my iPod in my right hand and went into my camera to see myself. I looked almost like myself, just some parts of my face seemed to look puffed up. Same with my hand. "Interesting," I thought. Just then the boy grabbed my wrist and told me to run. "What is it?" I exclaimed. "You may think I sound crazy, but there are these zombie people who will prevent you from lucid dreaming if they touch you! They are called 'non-lucid dreamers'. And one is chasing you now!" So we ran away until we came by one of the strange buildings. One came up behind me and touched me on the shoulder. I screamed and forgot I was dreaming. It was actually true! DREAM 3 5/27/17 I had my iPod with me at this restaurant/ movie theatre. My friend wanted to hold it. I gave it to her, and she dropped it, shattering the entire thing (she also shattered and broke my water bottle a few days ago too). I was so upset. I went to my parents and told them how I would get it repaired and that it wasn't my fault. They made me pay 90% of it. "What bitches!" I thought. Then when I got it repaired, I lost my account AGAIN. I was devastated. I had worked so hard. After this dream I had quickly looked at my iPod and sighed a deep sigh of relief to see it was okay. Thank God! 🙏🏻 DREAM 4 5/28/17 I was at high school already. There was this huge Christmas play that I wanted to be in. We were already practicing it. We were outside. My two friends, Ava and my crush Nate, were being encountered by ninjas/dancers wearing snowmen masks. "Help us...?" Ava said. The next part I was buying personal products in front of my crush. How embarrassing! 😳