Some friends they are.!

Date: 8/7/2017

By Jadders

I was working in a Lloyds bank while also being a customer some how. I had come to the end of my shift and I see a group of friends I knew. They came in and done what they had to do and were about to walk up to the university opening day. I told them to wait up as I wanted to come with them. I went into the room next door to go and grab my rucksack ready to leave when some iron gate came down blocking the door way out. Because of this my so called friends left without me and started walking up the road. After a while of my trying to get out a red goblin fairy appeared. He came to tell me they arnt my friends, never have been and never will be. It simply warned me to go on my own as I don't need them. After that he opened the gate and let me go. I tried to catch them up but I was always a couple more meters a way from them. They all then went around a corner, and all I heard was them screaming. As I got closer to the corner a guy in a black mask and a gun started yelling at me (no idea what he was saying) so I drop kicked him in the face, and carried walking round this corner. Once I got round the corner there was blood everywhere. Another two guys in masks with guns had shot them all down. I ran away from it all, slipping iver in the blood, going further down on this path. At the end of this path I see my brother. He grabbed me and covered my mouth saying, you need to keep quiet and he pulled me into this house. The couple that live there were no our parents. I'm really not sure what they were. I was shown my bed room at the very top on the house in the 5th floor. I closed the door as I was now alone and walked straight over to the window. It was a very beautiful colourful stain glass window that made you feel positive looking out through it. I looked out to see the town I had been living in, set on fire and blood shed to the ground. But I felt and peace.