Flash sex

Date: 6/21/2017

By HumptyDumpty

I only remember a few parts but this is definitely a wet dream. I was Flash and for some reason I entered a gym building and found several people who were hypnotized to fight with me. However for some reason I had charmed two girls. One long blonde haired woman with large sized boobs and a short black haired woman who had medium sized boobs. The other people just stood there interested in what was about to happen. For some reason I had a first move on the black haired girl. I first fondled her boobs and then moved downwards towards her pussy. I licked it for a while and then I made a move to penetrate. Once I penetrated, I moved fast. I was Flash afterall. Her insides were very soft and she was tight. Definitely her first time. I was frantically humping. She was writhing and moaning that if felt so good. We were doing it missionary style so I clearly saw where my penis entered her vagina and how it went in and out in and out. I held her closer to me so that our chests touched and I could hump her harder. It felt really good but it was not enough. I was nowhere near climax and the girl just did. Good thing though there was another girl. I moved onto her. I grabbed her big boobs. Fondled it and licked it. I moved down again and licked her pussy. Then I went for the penetration. Her insides very definitely soft but she was not as tight as the black haired girl. It was really arousing seeing her boobs bounce back and forth while I push in and out. I humped like a rabbit and she writhed like a snake. We were still doing it missionary style and I held her close so that our chests were touching and I humped her harder. It felt really good but still, not enough. She climaxed and I still did not. The bystanders were just watching lustily. They did not move from their spot. They all seem to have forgotten that they were supposed to attack me. Since I still haven't climaxed, I took both girls, put them on top of each other with both of their chests touching together and their pussies directed at me and I penetrated both of them at turns. I licked their pussies. And again, I was flash after all, I entered one and entered another, again and again. It felt so good entering them. The blonde girl asked me which of them I felt good the most and I thought, "The black haired girl was tighter but the blonde was soft and not that tight", but I said both of them felt good. I continued humping them. The last part was weird because one of their parents came. The bystanders did their best to block the parents' view from us while we fuck. That was the end. I woke up.