Too Much For A Title

Date: 5/11/2019

By meeuhduh

Remembered a lot more before I got up. Catholic church. Ancient Japanese customs a group of Japanese like a family. A dress made out of "locked" dragon leather? (For some reason that's what the material was called but it just felt and looked like red leather jacket type leather) Nichole Kidman and Wynona Rider. Kept switching from being Wynona while Nichole was my sister then later Wynona was my sister and I was just this floating form. Spell breaking using the Gnostic prayer "As it is above me So it is below. As it is within me So it is without" Had to break Nichole as my sister out of this spell one of the Ancient Japanese family the mother or grandmother (Matriarchal figure) went into an evil side. I remember at the church there were sweets and I chose some tobacco chocolate it was good but there were so many other choices. Jaime Lannister switched from being my lover as I was Wynona and then being my father(?) while I was the floating spirit form. When he was my lover I had convinced him to not go to some war and instead stay with me but then we somehow got involved with the Japanese family's civil war basically. Dream went on forever towards the end I was the floating thing and Nichole was under some dark spell and she was using Wynona to do some weird prayer at this big Catholic looking cathedral church. I threw torches at this pit with a big mural/wall in front of it and Wynona snapped out of the spell but Nichole couldn't. The Japanese Matriarch who was evil used a black string to keep Nichole under. Something about during the sweets and chocolate being served I dyed Nicholes red hair a colorshifting blue with this paint so as it moved it would look red in some lights and then blue other times it was gorgeous. Some bitch pointed out I missed 3 spots in the back and when she took Nichole to fix it that's when shit started to go evil. Last thing I remember I was the floating form and I jumped into Wynona and had her unravel this string off of this big weaving/seeing needle to at least break the curse of Nichole after she had already died in all this weird situation. Before this whole dream I vaguely remember another dream before it about cat-dragons or my cats had turned into dragons? Or cats would evolve like Pokemon into dragons? Jaime Lannister was fighting something. Data from Star Trek was hidden under a house from some government trying to take him. This thing went on forever I don't want to type anymore