Cousins ex & drugs & penguins...

Date: 1/18/2017

By mysticmusic94

I had a dream that i spent awhile with my friend and her family and she gave me the drug crack. I put them in my bucket and candy and forgot sbout them. Then when i got home i found them and i wanted to flush then in the toilet but she told me that my cousins ex boyfriend wanted them. Under peer pressure i went on my way to give them to him but then we all got jumped y the police. I covered for her and told them that i got it somewhere else. After that we moved into this new house. The house had like water ponds that were from Antarctica and there was this guy that i liked. While my parents were giving some sort of speech i was leaning on his arm then he turned into a penguin and same back to Antarctic through the water in my house and I remember being very sad. Then we moved in and i woke up!