porceline doll girl.

Date: 5/23/2017

By kim336

inside my dream, it started with me leaving home to go to college far away. This specific person , a girl with curly long blonde hair, was really sad that I was leaving; but the way she was expressing it reminds me of a porceline ballerina doll. So I left anyways and i had to take a shuttle to the school. it was those futuristic shuttle type. while I was waiting for it, I ended up meeting a guy there and he helped me out. we became close and we ended up having interest in each other. eventually it became months down the road and we had a party. I told my new friends and the guy I had been crushing on about this porceline doll girl. as soon as I mentioned her, I ended up receiving a doll. it reminded me of her very much but it was very suspicious like something odd was about it. one of my friend who was tall and on the buff side, busy open the doll for me and found out, there were cameras inside this doll. I had a feeling that this porceline doll girl has been watching me. I freaked out and had one of my new friends to break it. when we broke it, we found 2 cameras inside and on a chip too. every time we turn it off, it would turn back on. eventually we broke it to pieces. soon someone came. he looked like an owl or a hawk. apparently I recognized him and he turned out to be my close friend ; night owl. he handed me another doll but this time, it was creepier. This doll' s face was distorted and it had a voice coming out of it, the porceline girl's voice. She was saying how she was watching me for a while and she coming down for us and she wanted to kill us. as she laugh, the doll' s head spun slowly. I tried asking night owl who is she sending down and why is she coming down. he didn't answer any of that. the only thing he said was he is no longer night owl. he is now called hoot hoot and we can't be friends anymore. and then I woke up since I had to work.