Maybe This Time

Date: 3/14/2017

By broadwayylmao

My friend was having an awesome birthday party at this super fancy hotel. Before the party, she was putting on a concert made up of a few people and asked me to sing. I chose to sing Maybe This Time from Cabaret. I sang the song before a woman came on and said that she was changing all the blocking. That woman was Susan Stroman. She said because it was my friends party, she needed to be incorporated into every song. So she made us sit down at a table, like we were having dinner, and sing it. As we were doing so, she said she was pulling out a different version of the song that I didn't know and that she had someone who'd help us -- Liza Minelli herself. I was astounded because how tf am I supposed to sing in front of a LEGEND? Anyways Liza starts playing and I'm doing my best to follow her but it's not exactly going to plan. I'm almost to tears when Liza pulls me to the side and tells me I'm super talented and she knows I've got this. I get back to the table and start singing again. And then I woke up.