The Record Shop

Date: 6/12/2019

By dirkdiggler69

This dream started out in a little bar in a small town. I cannot remember who I was with but I saw two men buying tall boys of Red’s Apple Ale and one of the men had a Red’s jumpsuit on. I recognized their faces as customers from The Exchange. They got into the truck and drove off. I felt like I have been here before. Like I was coming home after 21 years. Now that I think about it, I believe I was with my dad. As the truck moved away, I see this beautiful girl reading a book in this empty bookstore across from me. When I saw her, I felt a feeling I’ve never felt before even in real life. True love. When I saw this girl I almost cried because it felt like I had a history with her and I never thought I would see her again. I told who I was with that I’m going to talk to this girl across the street. I crossed the barren street and entered this small wooden bookstore and it took her a few seconds to notice me. When she looked at me i said “Hey, Stranger” and I remember hugging her harder than I’ve ever hugged before, crying and muttering “I thought I would never see you again”. This was the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in my life. We talked and then she wanted to go to the record store next door. She introduced me to the store owner who was an old foreign man with a thick accent. He showed me around the store and before I know it, I’m working there like I worked at The Exchange. I was walking around the shop admiring the records and their organization and this younger black girl came in with 4 of her friends looking for a Ciara EP. I showed her the R&B section and told her we most likely will only have singles. She thanked me along with her friends. In the meantime I wanted to look at records so I did. I went to the “bedtime story” section and found an old Quasimodo record but it wasn’t rap, it was just a story. This record felt so real and that it could’ve existed in the real world. I don’t know how much time has passed but by this time I believe I’m working full time at this record shop in a small town. I think I told my parents but I couldn’t be sure. This went on for a while: Interacting with customers, getting yelled at by the old man but I didn’t see the girl that started this main journey for the whole time I was there. Next, I am on the street at night and the entire town is running and screaming. I believe we were being attacked. All of the shops were burning and I was with the love of my life. We looked at each other and ran over to the record shop to make sure our old friend was okay. As we approached the shop, a big bright light was inside and it looked like the place was burning. We busted the door open and found a big yellow tent in the middle of the store and our old friend was perfectly okay, as well as the shop. I remembered feeling so much relief that he was okay but even more relief that the store was okay.