sonya's a bitch

Date: 8/2/2017

By emmacoons

sonya wanted to throw a party in this venue or something and invited hella people to come. this venue was so weird, it gave me a halloweeny vibe, there was a sort-of production that went on, where people had to walk down long hallways as some narrator talked as i'm assuming, the terrifying history of the building somehow. we got caught and sonya said that i was that threw the party. my attorney kept calling me and trying to talk to me but i refused to pick up the phone until she met up with me in person and told me that i owe half a million dollars in damages i remember cassity sticking up for me, and that she had long hair in this dream. my attorney wouldn't believe me that i wasnt the one who threw this party and insisted that i pay half a million dollars that i didnt have i kept asking my attorney throughout the dream to repeat it and she said it once more but after that she refused to say it again. that lou nostrils guy was there, he was taking a shower in my parents bathroom, i dont know how that fit in. the bathroom door was cracked open and he was wearing a blue hoodie amd was fixing his wet hair in a foggy mirror. i dont know why he was in this dream, but i faintly remember being attracted to him. because of all the drama and shit i had no control over, in my dream it seemed i actually had loose plans to kill myself and i tweeted about it. towards the end of the dream, i finally confronted sonya and asked her if she was going to confess and she straight up said "no" and i started crying. this was the part of the dream where i had no control, when i kept trying to talk but sonya kept interrupting. reagan was there, and kept defending me as well, saying how bad this is for me to have $500,000 in debt at the age of 17, but sonya did not really seem to care that she essentially ruined my life. i was trying to tell her how bad this is for my reputation and my credit score, that i wont be able to do anything but i physically couldn't say it because i was breaking down, or in other words, i was waking up.