Date: 4/16/2017

By madnewman13😼

So I've been grounded and that has prevented me from writing down my dreams. I have some that I would like to share that stuck out the most because it would take forever to write ALL of them down. So here are 4: 1: Elsa is trying to kill me I dreamt I was at my school, trying to run away from crazy angry Elsa who was trying to freeze me. And ONLY ME. I actually hate Elsa, she is so flipping annoying. So anyways near the end of this dream, I ran into the school library and hid behind a pile of books near the doorway. She walked right past me, like she didn't even see me. Then she saw me. I can't remember anything after that. 2: Ariel cartwheel again!!! I was at my grandparents. Behind their shed I did an Ariel cartwheel. Arg. I still can't do one. I even tried to do it the EXACT same spot a few days later. Couldn't do it so... Arg. 3. Really??? I dreamt it was dark in my house and I went to go and eat something out of the fridge. A light turns on and I see my crush. I ask him if he likes me in rl. He says yes. And I'm like, "yeah, sure." And he was like, "I do! I really do!" 4: I AM DREAMING!!! 😠 I dreamt that I was at the end of my driveway with my brother. Creepy cars were passing by. It was dark. A third car passes but backs up and goes down our driveway. I run into my garage. And into the house. I get a knock on my front door and see a young girl who was maybe around 6 or 7 y/o. She wanted to paint my house purple. She was driving the car that went down my driveway. So as we are discussing about why she wanted to paint my house purple, my dad walks out. That was when I realized I was dreaming. "You aren't dreaming," my dad says. "Yes I am!" I reply. "Are not," he says. "I am too!" I say. Then my mom walks out and scenes change. I was right about dreaming so HA! 😼