The Animal Shifters

Date: 3/9/2017

By xXScarclawXx

So apparently I was this girl who could shapeshift. My entire family could do it. I was awaiting the day I would finally shift. Finally, that day came. I was in this big park. It was surrounded by forest, and was empty except for one tall crooked tree in the middle. I was running around when BAM I fell, and I transformed into a lioness. I sprinted around excitedly in my new form. When finally I shifted back, I turned around, and saw a girl about my age with a black ponytail. "I saw you," she said. I started to panic, because you know, the shifters are supposed to be a secret! But then she said, "Don't worry, I'm a shifter too." Then she transformed into a giraffe. Not kidding. A freaking giraffe. We became friends and hung out for a while. I remember there being another girl, who was all mysterious and could turn into some sort of black wildcat. But anyways it was a pretty cool dream.