2 nightmares in a night!?! WHY?! :(

Date: 1/27/2017

By dream.on.liaaa

i just woke up from my nightmare... 3:47am. but i woke myself up from my 1st nightmare around 12:47am. as least i woke myself up from it. the 2nd one lasted foreverr and i couldnt wake myself up. one of the worst feelings ever. the first dream took place in some apartment... (@1st i thought i was going to my boyfriends house because i decided to go to a last min get together/party/function) my boyfriend mentioned he'd be there... i remember i wasnt to happy attending, but i went because my boyfriend was there i didnt know any of the people he was surrounding himself with and he wasnt very specific with who was attending.. (because of my suspition i decidedd to show) i drove myself to the location of the party. i was so happy to se him... but i had this <warning> feeling i coulsnt explain to him qithout sounding jealous or immature. there were 2 girls with him.... lookes like they were ready to function/party. i told my boyfriend that i felt uneasy and how i didnt feel safe... and his response was "u ready to get somw drank then ?!" (he wasnt paying attention to my red flags towards that night... kinda like he was under some kind of spell (thats qhen i knew instantly that i was in a bad place and i had no anchor to wakeup) i went with the flow and i went qith these 2 girls and my boyfriend to the store... i remember walking outside... it was dark and snowing ?? this is were i really felt bad company... like i wasnt supposed to be there. we walked downstairs to rhe parking lot and i started seeing glimpse of what could happen on theway to the car. mind u, i didnt recognize qhere i was and the one person that i could comfortably speak to wasnt hearing/intaking my vibe. i started to see visions within my dream before i came across bad company on the way to the car. there was one person we passed that got me shook. the stranger stood by his car.... i had a really bad feeling my senses were tingling til it happened. we got closer to the car and i see 2 other strangers talking behind another car... and it was the vision i had seen eariler... one stranger had a gun and the other had both a gun and a knife... this dream felt like a warning threatening dream. i had no control when i recognized the vision... i knew i had control and i woke myself up. i woke up and called my bf to make sure he qas okay and wanted him to calm me dwn... it helped ans i qent back ti sleep only this time... my nightmare lasted almost 3 hours. have u ever had those nightmares where i feels like ur in a scary movie... a movie your familiar with but ur one of the charaters... as if u were r thrown in it? i was in and out if sleep. but within full contact of my nightmare... i remember hidinf under my blanket and me being awake... thinkin i was still dreaming and somehow pulled myself back into dream state continued the nughtmare. this went in for 3 hours... literally like a horror movie. killing people, kids, blood, guns.... i founds out qho thw killer was at thee end... i called my bf when i wokeup... i was terrified... i did that to know i was awake... and made sure i disnt go back alsleep