Weird stuff

Date: 8/31/2019

By DreamDawg

Michael was there, and he later morphed into my dad. I was at the planet fitness that was behind the school in an old train station building. There was some sort of food drive going on and Maddie told me to help. I did and saw my classmates taking stuff from the school and pulling it over and and realized they were unloading costumes or something so I decided to help. This then turned into a soccer game between me and my friends. When they kicked a ball out of bounds Ava and I went down the back streets to go get it. I then started walking on my own to waters for some and heather stopped by and told me to put on my shoes because I was barefoot. Once I made it to waters I turned around to walk back to my sweet purple kicks which I had left on the sidewalk a block down. By the time I arrived there was a woman telling this dude that she had just sold these purple shoes for a great price. I asked her if they had been the ones sitting on the sidewalk. She said yes and I then explained that those were mine. She said “finders keepers”. I tried telling her she had to give them back when she threatened me if I ever came near her or her house again. Micheal was there so I walked with him a block up on waters and we passed by an accident involving a woman and her dog we had passed on the sidewalk earlier. Micheal was looking at the emt lady and kept saying “she’s gonna lose her job” and I asked why and he explained that if you touch the gurney you go to jail, even though she was the emergency responder. We doubled back to the woman who sold my shoe’s house to see she was out on an errand. Her son was still home and supposed to be “on duty” guarding the house from people like me but he didn’t really care. I snuck in and found the woman’s ledger where she wrote all the sales. Weirdly enough her son was doing the same thing. He was talking on the phone through his AirPods and said something like “she just sold these shoes to a real gangsta” and I saw it in the ledger that they were sold to this gang dude who lived by the Whole Foods. Then there was a loud noise and both the son and I ran from her office and saw thee was a dude on a motorcycle in the living room. Then as I was about to go I saw a bunch of black people were coming through the door. I realized it was a family reunion and that these people would not recognize me and call the woman. So I started greeting them and although confused they greeted me back. I was able to get to the front door without anyone calling me out. Micheal has morphed into my dad who was nervously waiting for me. We got out ASAP. We then ended up at like some theme park where all his friends were.