prize bull

Date: 4/1/2017

By louieooh

I was back home in Texas with my older brother named Israel. we went out hunting and came up on this nice open Valley. About 800 meters in we saw some dust being kicked up. We went around and got about 300 meters from a bunch of wild horses and Bulls. The bulls were rounding up the horses and one bull in particular was real big and mean. Israel whispered to me "bet you can't shoot him with one shot and bring him down." I shot at him.. hit em and he just stood there. we waited and nothing happened. After what felt like a few minutes we both appeared in my current bedroom where my wife and I sleep. I had some type of harpoon/tranquilizer gun. my dog kuruma was jumping on the bed and I was trying to sleep. I ended up shooting her woth the tranquilizer gun.. I woke up to kuruma trying to jump on the bed.