American Horror Story

Date: 1/30/2017

By Warith Al Ghul

I was walking somewhere with Evan Peters. For some reason it didn't affect me that it was him. He and I were friends or had just met each other. We reached a school bus stop while talking about stuff(I don't remember what). Suddenly I heard a weird sound and dismissed it. Then I remembered that it was the voice of the actress who played Ma petite in AHS: Freakshow. I started looking around and saw her. Jessica Lange, her mother, and Michael Chiklis, her father, were there with her to wait for the school bus. Her face looked like it belonged to a white kid and not an adult Indian woman. I dismissed it as her wearing makeup or something in the show and looking different in real life. I tried to talk to her and told everyone that I watched freakshow. They just ignored me. Jessica Lange, who was also Evan's mother now, told him to sing and Jyoti Amge(Ma petite) to provide the tune. He sang something I don't remember. I remember a line: Getting all the..... Jessica asked him what. He told her women. That caused Jessica to remind Evan that he shouldn't be vulgar. So he sang without that line. Then the bus arrived and Jyoti got on it. I suddenly remembered that I should get an autograph from Jyoti and the other three as well. But then I remembered that I don't have an autograph book. So I decided to get it on a paper. The bus had left by then and the other three actors had left as well. So I ran somewhere. I reached my hotel room(?) and ran out to the balcony. There were two doors side by side in the balcony. One that I came in and the other one titled "the Bahamas". I heard Adam West saying or remembering saying "no, Lex Luthor. I've never been to the Bahamas". Then I came out of the balcony, running with this weird special effect, and went in through the Bahamas door. I was Adam West's batman apparently. I couldn't find the bus because everyone had already gone to their classes. Then, I woke up.