Lots of trespassing, now that I realize it.

Date: 1/30/2019

By KawaiiVixen09

I was in a fancy looking apartment, and I look an elevator to the top. When I got up there I looked down. The way it was set up made all the balcony’s look like stairs, really wide stairs. I started jumping down them really fast!! It was really weird, basically I felt like a rabbit or something! I reached this one part of the apartments where it was a backyard and there was a house. I saw people coming so I started jumping down some more. I reached the bottom and landed. But then it reset for some reason. After jumping down all those balconies really fast, my friend caught me with a bunch of other people. I told her I was basically doing parkour and she wanted to join me. Now this time on the way down from that yard area of the terrain was more exciting. We were free falling instead of jumping, I felt the wind frickin blow me away! Then we landed on a giant inflatable toy in one persons backyard. We basically were trespassing, so we had to jump a large wooden fence. We made it across, but when we were about to make our escape we saw someone coming into the backyard from the front of the house, so we made a run for it. Then I ended up back in the lobby of the apartment with a few other people. Then it ended.