Virtual Autism School

Date: 9/10/2019

By WhoPotterVianOffTwitter

I was in this virtual world where there were these multiple locations you could walk into, and interact with the people inside. I looked at this interactive map, and the one place I hadn't visited was this special school for autistic children. I decided to pay a visit out of interest to see what they offer for autistic kids who are in the same position I was as an autistic child (only I didn't have to go to a special school). The headmistress showed me around; there were these classrooms full of books for infants and bright paint. It honestly looked as though they were treating the autistic kids as idiots. The headmistress asked me whether I had anything like this as an autistic kid; I tried to sound impressed and said 'No', but inside I was feeling pretty annoyed at how patronising they were being. The only real nice part was a small patio at the back; that was pretty neat.