Old room

Date: 3/21/2017

By kaylanw

I was in the bath tub and a few people I recognized were in there also. Guys. Weird. Anyways... the place I was in I could tell was an older persons home because of the old antique decorations. I got in with clothes (shorts and shirt) and then was naked by the end. I asked one of the guys for a towel while I covered my chest and they handed me one and then I was in what looked like an older woman's bedroom. I knew my grandma was near over in the next room and recognized this place. I had been here before. I looked down and I had a skirt on and it had loops and there was two old antique bracelets and I knew they belonged to someone. I went and put them back but they kept appearing on the loops. I walked over to the dresser and it was like I was a complete different person. I was going to take the jewelry but didn't want to but everything was foggy. Like I was looking through the eyes of another body. I wasn't myself and something was controlling me. I went to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't. I was stuck in the room and in my own body and I couldn't speak. Scary stuff I then forced myself to wake up :)