no depth perception

Date: 2/10/2017

By seascarlet

I've noticed that when I have bouts of sleep paralysis, I see things that are actually in my line of vision in my room but morph them into something else, and with no depth perception. Examples: I dreamt about a Depeche Mode poster on my wall all the time, but always smaller and closer to me. In college I kept waking up thinking that the emergency sprinkler on my ceiling was a small bug right at my face trying to attack me. It happened so much that I put a sign next to it that said "sprinkler", but the letters only made me think it was a larger, scarier bug. Also in college, I woke up or went to sleep once thinking that the white door frames of the bathroom in front of me were ties on a white robe I wasn't even actually wearing, floating straight up towards the ceiling. Once I hallucinated my black cat on my chest, which was actually a large black dresser in front of me but much further away.