Bad goodbye

Date: 5/18/2017

By tiavaanderson

He left me...I wake up to him gone...a run looking for him everywhere...I go out side my pig got out...and a new animal a naked mole rat like the ones from fallout I try to get my pig back him the rat runs to me I killed it but when I look up I see a wolf...not in the fence...right next to me I'm pregnant and scared I scream for my boyfriend and he's no where to be found...I get the wolf locked in the fence somehow when you're scared for your life you will be surprised with what you can do...I remember I should look for his car I start running up and down the street there's a lot more cars then there is normally...two cars are parked weird...and ones my boyfriends I go running to it balling with hope and fear in my heart...he's looks at me and by the look...I can tell how pathetic he thinks I am...I jump into his lap and ask him why he left and why he didn't tell me...he just looks at his friend then me and says I'm a adult I don't need to tell you I'm leaving...and laughs with his friend...I told him that it scared me and asked him if he heard me yelling for him...he said yes and I told him what happened...he got out of his car and just walked away....