Secret Costco under my aunts house?

Date: 8/8/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

So a few weeks ago I went to visit my aunts who lives about 5 hours away. Her husband is know for being a bit of a dick and he takes pills which make him act sort of crazy. So in the dream I was trying to sleep on the floor and every time I would move he would come out of the bedroom and say I was making too much noise for him to sleep. Which actually happened in real life while I was there lol. Anyway it happened like 6 times and each time he said I'm going to retire. Which made no sense but I ended telling him to fuck off and shut the fuck up. Lol I would never say that. But dreams I've noticed always push your buttons and play with your emotions. Anyway so after that I thought I remember there being another bathroom and more room in her house. So in the basement in a dark corner I saw this door 🚪. When I opened it it was piled high with boxes in front of the door and everywhere inside. But when I looked inside there was basically another entire house. I saw a bathroom and then a long hallway which went back to a living room. It's funny because in the dream I was worried about the lights being on and using up power. So I squeezed inside and there was a long concrete tunnel that then went up and led into a huge Costco store. Which is so funny but I thought it was normal in the dream. Then after I walked around I spotted another entrance to this other house through a door inside the Costco that looked like an office. It was super weird