Soccer and Babes

Date: 7/4/2017

By thedreamerofdreams

Dreamed I was in China or Europe at a huge soccer stadium. I was supposed to compete with my dad and little brother in a very important match. But I was slow and weak. So at halftime I was driving my car around, and ran into a beautiful Chinese woman. She asked to go on a date, we drove around, I tried to parallel park the car on a dirt road but it was flooding and I barely got the car out before it swamped. And then I was in a big house with my coworkers and there was a beautiful young woman there, she liked me, I interrupted her showering and we showered together but then my family came to the house and was super disappointed I never came back and finished the soccer game. Also she was somehow not real, like an imaginary ghost or something. Weird dream.