Murdered kids

Date: 6/5/2017

By babygirlevie

Grade likes to buy you fire bracelets class murder kids tall guys potatoes and rice Dreamed that I was at boarding school again but it was all girls and we were kind of young and there was an assignment on the environment that we were talking about and then there was a bunch of flashes like in a movie just a montage of dead kids with limbs hacked off and bleeding and hanging from weird places and everything had skewed camera angles and lighting it looked really cinema, and then there were these two tall guys investigating and I could see them from third person discussing the case and one taller one in a brown suit was shutting the other down all the time and I could also see them from first person I was a little girl and I was on the taller ones shoulders for some reason watching them examine one of the dead kids and there was also lots of scenes of me eating rice and potatoes rationing it for myself and getting it from the caf with the other girls and saving some in my room between classes and we also were collecting jelly bracelets and my kid hands were small enough to wear a bunch