Lion Park

Date: 3/5/2017

By Joe V Volcano

I was traveling along on something like a small motor bike in a dusty Game Reserve like place seemingly like Africa. I had a camera. I noticed a lion or two a safe distance away and wanted to photograph them but then noticed one was a bit close. I put the camera down and cautiously tried to ride away. There were more and more lions as if they had been unnoticed by me with their camouflage. I felt very scared and tried to cautiously ride away. Some lions in trees or just appearing were really close and I knew I'd be dinner for them. They didn't seem that interested in me and I managed to escape to a clear area and was riding home on what seemed like a grey gravely road with sort of shops in the left. There was a bag or safety cone like container shuffling along the ground and I realised it might be an animal stuck in it.I picked it up and shook out the creature. it didn't seem too worried. it had an Orange head and its body seemed to be made of oranges. It was semi grateful. I woke up.