City by the Ocean

Date: 2/7/2017

By Aunruh

I dont remember everything but i remember being in the ocean, falling into the abyss, theres this sort of recognition that i was probably going to die, that i would drown because of how far down i was going. I would look up and see maybe a mile of water between me and the surface and i was holding my breath and i didnt think this one breathe would sustain me for the swim up. I remember trying to swim up, as i was falling, but the water was heavy and the more i kicked the more i fell, there was no purchase to try and get my upward momentum. And then i hit the ocean floor, and i remember looking up and seeing what looked like a night sky, stars dotting a dark blue blackground, and it was a little hazy, the water around me. I kicked off the floor and i remember letting my air go, and being afraid for a moment of drowning, but then i took a deep breathe and i could breathe, and i kept breathing, and then i hit the surface and took a huge breathe into my lungs. I remember swimming to the shore but there was a city there, and there was a man this dock infront of a couple shops. i think i said something to him, and he came over to talk to me. I believe he told me he had a similar experience, and that when he breathed under water the taste of his beard traveled inward with the air into his lungs.