Maybe Cats Are Aliens

Date: 3/14/2017

By frankreynolds

I was sitting in my living room with Danny. I got up and walked into the kitchen for some reason. As I walked to the back door I saw something strange in the sky. It reminded me of the green fireball I saw once while skiing. When I stepped toward the door I saw an imperial star destroyer from Star Wars rising up over the horizon like the sun. I looked around in disbelief and saw that the ship was being projected on the Earth's atmosphere to the north and south as well. I yelled for Danny to come check it out and he was in disbelief as well. I started freaking out. I love Star Wars and possibility of aliens but seeing them come so close to our home planet was terrifying. Danny went on his laptop to see if the events were being reported anywhere else. He showed me a video of a red space ship cruising over houses in China. I opened to backdoor to see if I could see any of these ships and I did. There suddenly were hundreds of black and red space ships flying west over my house and through the neighborhood. I heard people screaming and the hum of the spacecraft as Danny slammed the door and pulled me back into the living room. He was worried I would get abducted or something. I started peering out the windows again because I was still in shock and every time I looked Danny would pull me away. I heard the front door unlock as Jeff, Aimei, and Natalie entered the house. They were just getting back from the gym and did not seem to have a clue about the invasion. I frantically told them everything I saw and they all just laughed. I told them that Danny saw it all too and that I was being serious. I pulled Jeff toward the backdoor but the star destroyer wasn't there anymore. I thought I was going crazy. I looked up and saw a brown ship right overhead. I pointed it out to Jeff, Aimei, and Nat and they all started to panic. A black cat appeared at the backdoor, scratching to get in. I began to seriously worry about what was coming so I led everybody into the basement and started handing out flashlights. I felt as though the world was ending and all I had to fight off the invaders was a $7 flashlight from Lowe's. Scary.