Date: 6/10/2019

By Celticrai

My dad was in the hospital for assisted sucide. In the dream he was still awake when they started the meds. The meds ran out, and he said,sarcastically “come on, come on”. Like he was in a rush. I went to call the nurse. The call button was hidden, but I found it yellow and dirty and pressed it. The voice on the other end was static-y and hard to understand. They couldn’t hear me well and kept asking about grandparents visiting. I said “My dad’s here for assisted sucide and then ran their course, but he’s still awake “. The nurse said something I don’t remember, but must have satisfied me. I went back to my dad. He managed to sit himself up and was slumped over. He was still conscious but nearly. I helped him lay back and get back up in the bed. I held his hand and started crying. I said “ya know what, you were a really good dad. One of the best. “