Victor // driving Miguel home // Sammy's house // Tommy's playground

Date: 8/5/2017

By LegacyJM

I dreamed that I was friends with victor and that he was a really good friend to me. He would always include me in everything and would let me use his stuff. We would make videos together along with some other guys. Next scene was that I was driving, with my uncle Chuchi next to me and Miguel in the back. I stopped at GameStop because I wanted to buy the Nintendo switch, and my tío quiro was there too and I told everyone that I'll be back in going to the store and my tío quiro said they're going to another store meanwhile but he just stood outside of GameStop. I went inside and asked if they had the Wii U, and they looked around for a little and shook their heads no. I then realized my mistake and said I mean the Nintendo switch. From that point on they just ignored me and I felt kinda awkward because I was standing there and they would just look at me. I then realized that I didn't have enough money with me to buy it, so I left. I got in the car and Miguel and my uncle were still there. My uncles face was in the shadows and he looked kinda scary. Then I told Miguel I was gonna drive him home and for some reason I knew he lived by Talivan. I was driving home and made a right turn the the GameStop, and then the next light was red and there was some cars in the line but I made a right turn again and checked and the street was Nellis and I was relieved. I cut a car in line and was speeding straight until I guess the car started to skid and lost control. Then there was this body it seemed like a women's with short shorts and she was flying around during the crash and I think she died. Then I saw my dad in a pool close to us and it was a weird pool, it was all closed in and there was towels hanging from the wall surrounding him. I was scared of that pool because supposedly their was fishes inside and I wasn't sure if they were piranhas. I was at sammys house and his house was really nice and had a jumper all around his backyard instead of a floor. I was always jumping there and was thinking back how we used to do flips here. You could see under the jumper and it was really high up, I thought sammys family was rich. I then looked at his whole backyard and thought "wow". Then I remember I was with my mom and was telling her about his house. We were in my kitchen and I told her and pointed to our backyard that the floor like that isn't like ours, but that it's all a jumper, and she seemed surprised and told me that that's what my Tia Esperanza told her too. Then my Tia Esperanza was talking to my mom about his backyard. I was then inside sammys little house that was in his backyard, and then I saw a hyena in his neighbors yard. I started to make fun of it and starting to make noises. The hyena sat up and slowly started to walk towards me, but there was a fence surrounding him. I was getting worried because the fence looked awfully short, and was wondering if he could jump over it. The hyena turned around and put his ass facing me. He then farted what seemed to be a pink gas and started to laugh hysterically. It then jumped over the fence and started to come into the house, slowly, but I had a pillow and was hitting it and shouting"no!" Each time it'll pop his head through the door. Then I was getting scared and summoned an electro wizard and the wizard landed on the hyena and was paralyzingly him. Then I summoned the minion horde and the hyena turned into 3 minions, and the minion horde killed the 3 minions. I then left the house. I dreamed that I was in tommy working and that they sent me over to men's. They said something about a pull up bar, and I was looked around for it. Then I found it in the middle of the department, close to the middle, and started to play around with it. Anthony was there and I was doing pull ups. Then I started to do it in slow motion and thought that was really fun, and when I landed I was laughing a lot and Anthony smiled and shook his head. The pull up bar was really high up as well. Then Anthony tried it and since it was in slow mo he took a lot of time to do one and he was laughing. Then I was just playing around with it and I would grab the bar and swing from one end to another and as i was getting to the end of the bar a girl and a guy were watching. I grabbed the end of the bar and the guy said there you go. The girl asked how do I do that because her hands slip and I don't think I responded to her. I just did the same thing but backwards, which felt easier. Then I went over to adilene and asked her for our stuff, but she didn't know. I was scared because I thought I lost my phone, but they were hidden with adilenes and Lorelies stuff and I found my phone and debit card?? Then I was in bed with oracio and I was cuddling with him and I remember he had something unpleasant but can't remember what. My parents were out of town so it was just me and adilene.