motorcycle guy and his son...wait and his weird mom?

Date: 2/18/2017

By datweirdkid

I had a dream where this 5 year old kid wearing a ninja thing on his head came into a room and said my flight was cancelled because of 9/11 I started laughing because it was so stupid and weird.i knew he needed help to find his parents so I went out of the room I was in a big house full of people at some type of party I saw some of my real life friends there.I kept walking and walking with this kid when finally I saw his parents in the kitchen. His dad look like motorcycle guy and I saw a old lady who looks like the motorcycle guys mom. The old lady looked tough holding a knife.I was exciting the kitchen when the old lady was giving me a look I was moving slowly around her when out of the blue she said "JUST GO!" It shocked me so I run away and started talking to my friends and probably having a good time.