the grizzly bear

Date: 7/24/2017

By karmakaziska

in my dream I was in a big house that was designed kind of like apartment complex. I was on the second floor watching my little sister for my dad and I also had my daughter serenity with me. I was looking at the window and there was two other houses across the street and behind them was the woods. the Gap in between those two houses where you could see the opening of the Woods was a giant angry grizzly bear. it was about as big as one of the houses across the street, well as tall as one anyways. I looked at it and it was very detailed and it stood up on its hind legs and let out a big growl and kept on. I was scared, I saw my dad running towards the house. I told my daughter to keep an eye on my little sister and I'll be right back. don't open the door for anybody ran down the stairs. then I felt I couldn't leave I went back up the stairs and looked out the window again. my dad was laying on the front porch with scratches on him and there was an ambulance out front but park to where they can't see the bear. I looked over and I saw it there still standing on its hind legs just whaling. then I went downstairs again this time I went outside to warn them that there is a bear there. I told the ambulance workers and they looked over and could just see a more feminine lighter colored brown calm bear leaving where the angry darker big grizzly bear was. I couldn't understand what just happened. I talked to my dad I asked him what happened and he said something about his wife and how she's never coming back cuz she f***** up this time I guess she had left and ran off with someone. then I woke up.