The longest dream I’ve ever had

Date: 11/30/2017

By darlita

Danny and I were going on vacation. We were a lot older. He looked a little bit like Adam Sandler. Something happened and we ended up in jail. We kept trying to escape. Finally we found a door and his son was on the other side. I pushed him out the door as I heard the security-coming. It was a crowd of people and I kept running but then I heard him. Meaning he came back for me. I also heard his son. The warden gave me a deal. She’ll set us free. And she did. I went back home to rest and my dad gave me 3 million dollars. Because of all my debt only 30 thousand remained. Karina wanted to cheer me up so we went out. Jennifer. Jonathan. A young man. Aidee/Alejandra were there. Danny was there too. We went out and a had a great time even blacked out. Had to watch snapchats in order to remember. But before we left. We all met up at a church. It was scary and I don’t know why we were there but it had to do with me remembering.