Date: 8/15/2017

By moonriver

I was trying to go to a play with Matt and I was driving my car. he went into a restaurant to get us food to bring and I sat in the parking lot waiting until some men came up and got on both sides of my car with guns telling me to unlock the doors and then drive. I was screaming for Matt but he wasn't coming out. I had to scramble to the back seat and climb out a window and they were laughing at me as they got in my car. but when I got out I opened the driver's side door to yank the man out. this is when Matt came out and he just watched and asked what was happening as the man tried to drive and I tried to rip the man out. I was hanging on by the door until it ripped off and I got so angry that I finally grabbed him by the face and pulled him out. then I got in my car and ran him over a few times. his friend was so scared he just ran. Matt got in the car and asked what that was about so I told him they tired to steal my car. he shrugged and said the restaurant was out of food and if I wanted to drive to McDonald's. I took us straight to the play. when there we ran into some people but I couldn't say who now. I was wearing a terrible outfit and everyone else was very dressed up. the play was at ywca and for some reason I was supposed to wear a head scarf. I dug around looking for one that would work but I guess I took too long because a man came up and started beating the shit out of me. he was wearing armor so I couldn't do anything. I was asked to leave after. I went to my parents house and I had a lot more siblings. sisters a lot younger than me and the house was really different. they had people who were after them because of some big secret and my mom said she would finally tell me and took me to a back room used for storage. there were so many of my old things and things I'd never seen before. on a shelf was every doll I had ever owned. but my mom took me to a bag and said that was the reason they were in trouble. so I took it and ran and I kept running with the bag until I couldn't see anyone anymore. then I gave it to a homeless person and everything was fine.