John's teeth, Mindy Kaling, Walking Dead performance pit, moms house?

Date: 2/1/2019

By Insquirrel

John found out his teeth were "not loose" so he had to get all his top teeth replaced with a denture. Then I was at a Walking Dead outdoor performance festival that First Avenue was producing. Nate was there, and Sonia, I think. First I was at mom's house and Tessi showed up unannounced (weird that they were getting along, I guess?) I kept trying to nurse Greta in the other room.... And there was something weird about the walls. Can't remember. I went down to the festival and it was being held in a Romanesque pit with bleachers. I sat up front. First, people dressed in rubber dinosaur suits were play fighting but one in a black costume kept fucking with me. I finally ripped one of its horns off and it went away. Then the next performers involved water, and I was doused with water (and pissed!) Some firemen kept yelling me to be careful because of how cold it was. Then Mindy Kaling was next to me, smiling and trying to push me down into the pit. I don't think she succeeded. I have a foggy memory of a highway, people standing around the side of the road or soemthing..... I'm the end I was trying to convince someone that I had been bullied by the performers, and he said something like, "well, how many ex boyfriends do you have here?" I told him "six".