quite a busy night

Date: 1/25/2017

By biscuit

The first dream I had was in a convention center, and it was pretty busy. The building itself had a hospital on the bottom floor, and as I wandered around I accidentally found it. I left quickly, though. I was dressed up as Shimon from TTGL, but I didn't have my core drill with me. I bumped into a few friends, and they had all got in trouble with the police for having pirated anime with them. I decided to be more careful from that point on. The building also had a weird staircase where you walked through the elevator shaft, and you had to be careful or else the elevator would hit you. Also, I ran into Aunt Marlee when she was getting off the bus, and some of her friends, one of whom was dressed up like an older Shimon, so that was a neat coincidence. I was in a room with a lot of bunk beds, and there were a lot of people all lined up. A young woman with an air of authority told me that I needed to shave all of their heads, and I hesitated. They assured me that they did want their heads shaved, so I started. On the second one, I put some cream that should have been shaving cream in his hair, but something felt wrong. I tasted it, and realized that it was, in fact, toothpaste. I apologized, and told him to go wash his hair. Then Johnathan Wolfson was there, and there was a Christmas stocking on top of the bed I was sitting on. It had a small cylindrical container inside it, which looked really old and dangerous. I started to open it, and Johnathan stopped me, saying that it was the thing that released the bad guy in Suicide Squad. So I put it back. In the next dream I remember, I was on a secret mission of some sort, but I can't remember exactly what the point was. I do remember it being in the past, and I had to try and sneak into an Old West - style brothel or something. My partner was Donald Trump, but he looked more like All Might. I had to dress up as one of the workers in the brothel, but they found me out before I even got into the building, so things didn't get... weird. Then we turned tail and ran. The president ran off into the desert at basically the speed of sound, leaving a trail in the air that looked like an American flag. I activated my spiral power and ran after him, and I managed to catch up pretty quickly. He thanked me for my help and went back to Washington. The next dream I remember was set in some alternative lifestyle compound, with all sorts of people who were self-proclaimed pagans and stuff. They were having a Christmas celebration, and they were putting on a sort of play. It was puppet-show style, with two people poking their torsos out above the stage. One was the narrator, and one was the weird pagan Santa Claus, who had a Christmas tree on his head. There were costumed people walking around, and one of them was a lady dressed like a gypsy. She had a gold coin attached to a long string, with a ball on the end. She would drop the coin, and then jerk on the ball in just the right way, and the coin would pop right into her hand. I somehow had one, too, but I couldn't consistently get it right. Then as I walked along, the buildings changed to a sort of store, with handmade toys and stuff. There were Star Wars - based toys made of foam that someone had carved and spray painted themselves, and they were actually quite well-made. One of them was a blaster that made noises from the movies, instead of just blaster noises. I was planning on buying it for Nathan since it had such good craftsmanship and it was only four dollars. After that, I went to a lake area that had a lot of people. They were all standing around a lake that had a giant golem sleeping at the bottom (not the Pokémon, just a golem). It looked sort of like general grievous, but made of stone and a lot chubbier. Some kids were running around the lake loudly, and it started to wake up. I made a neat pose and tried to cast death on the golem, but I couldn't use magic, so it ignored us and went to sleep again, sinking into the lake just as before. Someone asked me if I got the idea from K-On, which was false. After that, a young kid came over and sat next to me. He was really sad that his life wasn't pleasing him, and that he felt disconnected from his family (they were his adoptive family). He had a hoodie on that had pens built into the tassels, which I thought was super cool. He didn't seem to care, though. Then his dad came over, and the kid told him what I had done. The dad took me to his house. The dad showed me a picture. It looked like a photograph of a claymation scene. It was a typical Japanese house, in the kitchen. All the members of the small family were standing there, along with other personified objects in the house. The futon, which didn't have arms, was standing in the middle of the picture. There was a nervous-looking egg hanging from the ceiling, and the heater looked like he was doing his best. Then, the picture moved, and the futon walked out of the room. The dad asked me where I thought it went. I think it went to the bathroom, but I didn't get the chance to say because I could feel myself waking up. Then he flipped the picture to what looked like an old and sun-dried curtain. It was covered in yellowish spots, and I didn't think it was a painting until I looked closer - then I noticed that it had faces made out of the yellow spots, and they looked so natural I had to really fight to find them. Then my alarm woke me up.