Christmas / High School Game

Date: 8/17/2017

By fiftyshadesofpissedoff

I don't remember the beginning of this dream very well. I remember being on a train, one of the fastest ones, and once it got to the destination I found myself in a really big, beautiful café with my mom, my dad, my grandma, my uncle and my best friend. We were chatting, drinking coffee and such, and my mom invited my friend over for Christmas, saying she wanted her to eat with us. I was really happy, she's my favorite person in the world and I knew it would have been a nice Christmas. After that conversation, we get once again in a train that takes us to school. We're standing on the outside, and it doesn't look like my high school, it looks a lot more like the exterior of my middle school building, which I have always liked a lot. We then get inside and my teachers bring my class to the garden, saying that for the last day we are going to do once again a sort of competition. Apparently we do that every year, and I do have memory of the other two times we did that, I actually remember dreaming those. So this competition consists of: 3 girls and 3 boys are picked, then paired with each other and each girl and each boy has to represent a celebrity. For this time I was impersonating Audrey Hepburn (or maybe it was Bianca Balti, I remember her name being said somewhere in the dream) if I'm not wrong, but I don't remember who my "other half" was, but I do remember that he looked hella good lol I'm wearing a long black dress with red flowers detailed on a side, along with a red flower in my hair that was done in an updo. Make up was amazing, I never felt this beautiful in my entire life. So then we have a lot of tests to pass. Most of them are games around the school. The only one I remember clearly is having to play baseball, which apparently I suck at. My teacher was getting so damn angry at me, I kept trying to play tennis because I've played it for years and years and I knew I was good. Once that ended we had to go to the outside garden again to see who won. The path to there was really hard, we had to walk in really tiny floors, being careful not to fall. But we finally arrived, it was now night and the garden was so beautiful. I was getting really frustrated because my other half wasn't paying attention to anything, not even to me, we had to act like we were a couple but he was constantly walking behind me, looking around. Everyone was getting angry at him. We then sat down on benches and complimented each other. I think they didn't give a winner, but I remember being sad because the other half of the other girl was the guy I had competed with the first year and I remember it as being the best one. And we had won that. So we say goodbye to everyone and move towards the parking lot. At this point it starts snowing and I run to my car with my best friend, ready for Christmas.