Huge City being destroyed by aliens πŸ‘½ while I'm in it😱

Date: 8/1/2017

By BeastFromTheEast

SKIP DOWN A BIT FOR CITY DESTRUCTION Kind of weird dream last night. First I was in a 18th century city. That had those like 4 story old square buildings with the triangle roofs. But it was still beautiful. It was kind of like Paris in the 1850s. There was a river and a stone path that ran along side it. The walking area was raised above the river by around 5 feet. Just like the five seine. Anyway I was with my aunt and her black lab walking her. There was train tracks going behind the buildings, we were walking her on the train tracks for some reason and she got caught on something and there was a train that just went by. Even though there was no train comminrgg my aunt was freaking out and yelling. Then I was in this basically hotel room but it was only one room. It was a typical hotel room but very old. I don't really eat restaurant food often so I brought my own food to cook but there was no kitchen. Then I discovered when I opened a door there was a hidden kitchen. And my friends room was attached to mine through a door. And it was wayyy bigger. They're were stairs that went up and a walkway went behind and above the kitchen. So I was really. Cool design, it was huge if guess around 20x20ft. Two stoves and a huge counter space. Then we walked out side and by the river on that walkway. My friend jumped in the river with all his clothes on and tried to convince me to do the same. Next Scene: I was in a huge city which was like New York City and San Francisco combined. Suddenly skyscrapers started to collapse around me. They tilted over and fell over for seemingly no reason. Thousands of People were screaming and running. Then I was on the Golden Gate Bridge and it cracked in half and collapsed while I was on it. The best I can describe was in the movie San Andreas, it was a exact copy of that (look up San Andreas bridge scene on YouTube). Then the Empire State Building fell onto the deck of the bridge lol, and cars and people started to fall into the water and there was thick black smoke everywhere. What's weird is there was no cause of the city destruction, no earthquakes or anything. But in the dream I felt like it was giant alien robots trying to destroy all humans by destroying cities for some reason even though I never saw anything. πŸ˜‚