The Drama

Date: 7/23/2017

By johnsonmt1

I had a few different dreams. My first is one where I'm going to the bathroom in a stall when I see a girl named Jalise watching me through the cracks in the door so I scream at her and then Madison D appears, at this point I'm pissed but the next thing I remember is me hitting Madison with something. So when were out of the stall I go to class but I'm still really mad at Madison so I ask if I can go to the office so when I get there, I see Madison and now I'm thinking she's trying to tell on me. When Madison gets to the desk she gets stopped by the receptionist who says Madison can't tell on me because she's complained too much so I guess I told on her but I can't remember anything after that. I also remember apart of my dream where I got into a fight with my friend, Allison Brady I guess I walked out of the room from our fight saying something about people talking bad about her alot and her asking me what they've said. I also remember apart of my dream where someone showed me a rollercoaster in Florida. Then I remember my dad was in my dream a bit. I remember a werewolf and me getting killed by it (I played Skyrim). I also remember Aria and Ezra from PLL I'm my dream.