Date: 5/11/2017

By kodokushoujo

The dream started out as me in my old house as a child. the man across the street in the battered apartments was still there and it was still mysterious. I tell my Mom about him because I never did and she didn't seem too interested. Anyway, somehow the dream merges and I'm a new chef assigned to a meat group. I'm apparently a guy in this one. So a man appears and we transform him to a pig and cut his feet off. I couldn't handle it and I stood back as they dissected it. The pig was covered in blood and screaming. Unfortunately it was our job as the meat group. So we end up cooking the pig and slicing the meat into strips for bacon. After a while, I started to cry and think about the man who turned into a pig. I was invited to his funeral along with one of the girls in my meat packing group. I balled my eyes out and I didn't even know him.