Old mc Gilligan

Date: 6/25/2019

By myme

I had a dream that I was walking in a desert of compacted sand of many different colors. This sand was a clear glass and each grain refracted light that formed enigmatic and undulating oases. The sand also appeared to vibrate and emit sound. It did things like form bushes of green mosses and grass that disappeared again. I saw the sand form an hourglass figure far out in the distance. As I approached the sky cleared up from purple to blue and bright like a day sky. This figure was of a young woman, and she said people call me old gill. She was 72 years old and she dressed like a praerie girl. Want to see how I farm? She says. She grabs a clucking chicken that I did not hear or see before, and pulls it flapping over to a chair that I did not notice was over there. She pulls down her overalls and then rides it like it was a horse. Eventually it dies, and then she stops. She pulls up her shirt and rubs her belly. Mmm she says. Then she walks by me and picks up an empty metal pail that also was not there before. As she walks away, I could not tell if she was going over the horizon itself or down into the sand. When she is gone, I glance back over at the other side. There was no chair, and no flattened chicken, just endless brilliant glinting sand stretching into the horizon. What is the point of farming anyway?