Chemical warfare

Date: 6/1/2019

By chickadee

Finally a dream i remember and its not a good one lol. Nothing too bad though so no trigger warnings i guess. I was outside in my backyard ( which i dont have cause i live in an apartment) with my husband and at least 2 kids. (I only have one right now but i clearly remember the little girl in my dream). It was evening and there looked to be a storm coming . sounded like thunder getting closer. I told my husband to stop messing with the metal canopies in case there is lightning. Then we heard a loud rumbling from the sky and air raid sirens. We all went inside for shelter. I saw an emergency vehicle drive by through the front window, and he was blaring an emergency broadcast. I have seen this vehicle before in a dream a couple years ago but that one was telling us to evacuate. This one was telling us to shelter in place in the inner most room of our house. It was a chemical attack imminent for our area. We went into the bathroom. I was still carrying the girl and my son was right next to me . We sat on the bathroom floor and a cream colored cat came in to shelter with us. The girl passed out from fear and i just held her. Another cat ( one i recognized as my own orange cat) was trying to leave the bathroom and i held him in. We were waiting for my husband and possibly one more child to come shelter with us. Then i woke up.