Long dream

Date: 3/29/2019

By snakejack1

Was gonna hang out with my friend Sam , and we were driving then while I wasn't in the car he ran over someone and broke his car so I had to fix the car and after I did my mom picked me up and when I got home I got told that my family's blood was magical. After that I went to school but my lunch table was different, and told them about Sam running over someone. for some reason I was walking home with Sam and this like 45 year old was talking to a little girl that looked like she got beaten up so bad I thought she was a rabbit at first. He left so we went to go talk to her and she was having a hard time talking. The guy said she could find her own was home and we shouldn't talk to her we said were ok, but he kept standing there eventually I told him to fuck off and he got pissed and ran towards me and the girl I grabbed the girl got out of the way and he started running towards his car so while I was carrying the girl I ran to another house and hid in a bush in their backyard. I eventually got to call the cops and an ambulance came for the girl. After that I was back at school and told everyone about how I rescued a child from a pedophile. Someone said that I shouldn't of moved them because they were in critical condition. I said the pedophile was chasing us and she was like whatever I wanted go know how the child was doing , but I didn't want to bother the hospital. So I never found out.